...to the best friends ever!

I couldn't have asked for a funner (yes, I know that's not a word, but what else do you use?) group of people to spend the evening with! From the delightfully decorated Party Bus, to the outdoor dinner (whoever ordered the great weather, thank you!), to the singing, dancing, drinking, chatting, laughing, and match-making, at HaTM, to the Electric Slide, Bingo (I thought you had to be old to win that game, Becky?), the Pit (or better yet, getting out of the Pit), to racing to the rock wall and then having to still climb it (darn you, Casey!), to our quiet morning breakfast ~ all of it will be remembered fondly (Shannon, Amy, and Sam will help me do that during a Scrapbooking night in the near future!).

All I know is, I sure hope you had half the fun that I did,, because this birthday was truly a BLAST!
If you have any pics send them to me and I'll pass them along. Click for Tonya's Picasa Pics.

Again, thanks for making my 50th memorable!