Recycling Water

Our precious water is running out

We should always recycle our precise water

Some uses for recycled water

Recycled water can be used to improve your gardens health. Recycled water is better for the planet and if you use it on your garden it will improve it by 75%.

If you spill water on the ground and it looks dirty. You can use a micro fibre cloth and wipe it up. This water can be put into a bucket and be used for cleaning purposes. That is 1 way to use recycled water.

How is recycled water carried out or created

Recycled water is formed/created when small areas or small businesses treat water and use a water tank to store the water they have recycled. To recycle water you will need filter paper to fully recycle the water so you can drink it.

What are the advantages of recycling water and how can it help us

Some advantages of this is that it doesn't rely on rainfall and it can help the planet last longer. If you own a water tank that could be a huge help for us to SAVE THE PLANET!

What technology is used to create recycled water.

When creating recycled water some of the technology used is. They use ultrafiltration which destoys microrganisms. They also use the common process called reverse osmosis.
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