Bright Spot Therapy Dog Visit

Grade 3 ~ EES ~ Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Welcome, Cynthia & Canine Companion!

Dear Parents,
Our third grade students are looking forward to a visit from Cynthia Hinckley, founder of the non-profit Bright Spot Therapy Dogs, Inc. Cynthia will bring a trained therapy dog, and will speak about the roles visiting dogs play in providing a comforting presence across a variety of settings. The children will meet a therapy dog named James who often visits schools as a reading buddy. We can hardly wait!
At Cynthia's request, we're sending home a photo release form. (This is an optional release, allowing Bright Spot Therapy Dogs, Inc. and Say Hello Spot to use photos of our classroom event. She has already consented to our taking photos during her presentation.) If you wish to give your consent please return the completed form tomorrow.
Mrs. George & Mrs. Graichen