Mrs. Kovarik's Class Newsletter

September 22

In the Classroom

We are continuing to build our reading lives. Students are logging their reading in class and at home daily. They have set reading goals and will adjust their goals as needed. Students have reading partnerships and have begun to learn about their partner's reading life and are sharing their favorite books and reading their favorite parts of the day. We are learning to "buzz" about books the way adults do when they find a good one and leave book ratings on the inside covers of books they've read. Students are learning to do a comprehension check every so often to be sure they are doing a good job reading. They ask themselves questions such as "Who is in this part of the story?", "What is happening", and "Does this part make sense with what what happening earlier?"

In writing, students are learning to write long and strong. They are writing personal narratives by thinking of important people, places or events and writing about them bit by bit. They are creating mental images for their audience by adding a lot of detail and experimenting with dialogue. They are also learning to self-evaluate using a writing rubric. This way they can see what they are doing well and what they can improve upon.

Rounding by tens and hundreds can be a difficult skill for many third graders. The steps we have been using are 1) Write the benchmark numbers on the number line 2) Locate the midpoint on the number line 3) Place the given number on the number line 4) Round. Think about which benchmark the given number is closest to. It really helps if students underline the place value they are rounding to so they round to the correct place value. The following is a very helpful video describing the steps we are using in class.

In the coming few days, students will be reviewing adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers with regrouping.

We are continuing our study of geography in social studies. Many students have done well learning their personal information and the names and locations of the continents and oceans. This week we are practicing using cardinal and intermediate directions to locate places on maps.

Students have learned about the four main types of sentences: command, statement, exclamation, and question. They are expected to be using ending punctuation consistently and correctly. We have also been working on using upper-case letters appropriately as well. Please help your child check their own work at home for ending punctuation and misplaced upper-case letters. Children who confuse the directionality of some letter tend to use upper-case letters instead of lower-case because they are more confident they didn't make a mistake by reversing the letter. Some lower case letters that cause confusion are b, d, p, and q. Next, students will be working on identifying and using subjects and predicates in sentences.

We are continuing our study of vowel sounds in spelling. This week the patterns we are working on are long i (i__e, -igh_) and long o (o__e, -ow).

Knights on the Run

Tomorrow, September 23rd, the students will be participating in Knights on the Run, a PTA fundraising event. Our class will be running from 1:20-2:00. Please have your child dress comfortably and in GREEN, our team color.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Sign-up for parent/teacher conferences is now open. If you have not done so already, please use the link below to sign up for a day and time.

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