History Bowl

What it is:

History bowl is one of a variety of History and Geography based academic competitions, all run by Dave Madden. The majority of the competition consists of racing the other competitors to answer pyramid style (little known things about a topic at the beginning of the question, famous stuff about the topic at the end) history questions as a team or as an individual.

Example Question

Dr. Seuss depicted this organization with the caption "Vote Early and Often." Andrew Garvey was called "The Prince of Plasterers" for his work with this organization, which was revived by Carmine De Sapio. Fiorella la Guardia reduced the power of this organization that was brought down by Samuel Tilden. George Plunkitt described this group's work as "honest graft" and seized opportunities to buy land before the city government. Fernando Wood was the first mayor from this group that was cartooned by Thomas Nast. For 10 points, name this New York political machine run by "Boss" Tweed.

ANSWER: Tammany Hall [or Tammany Society]

The Different Events

History Bowl- A team (4 players) competition where there are a variety of different history questions asked and different ways of scoring. The majority of the questions are like the example where each team races to get the question.

History Bee- An individual event where every question is in the format of the example. Each question is worth one point and everybody in the room (usually around 8 people) races to get each question

US History Bee- Exactly the same format as the regular history bee except everything is American History. The person who won this last year won $5K

US Geography Olympiad- Two multiple choice Geography exams are taken and then a 4 round bee is played to determine the winner.


The qualification for the National Tournaments will be in the spring with the date and location TBD. The National Tournaments will be on the weekend of April 25th-27th with the Geography and US History events on the Friday, the Bowl on Saturday and Sunday, and the Bee on Sunday.