The Three Red Riding Hoods.

By Olivia Nyunt

Part One: The Beginning

Once Upon a time there lived Three Red Riding Hoods.One day Mummy wolf (Three Red Riding Hoods’ mum) asked Three Red Riding Hoods to build their own house because they were growing up.So Three Red Riding Hoods built their own house.Mummy wolf wants to see it but The Three Red Riding Hoods want Grandma Pig to see it first.

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Part 2: The Middle

So Three Red Riding Hoods called Grandma Pig. “Run, Run,Big Bad Grandma is out again Aaaaarrrr!” screamed grandma Pig on the phone.Three Red Riding Hoods an to Grandma Pig’s house and accidentally Big Bad Grandma bit The Three Red Ridng Hoods. “Thank you girls now let me get you a band-aid,” said Grandma Pig nicely. “Grandma Pig ,” said Three Red Riding Hoods. “Can we get revenge from Big Bad Grandma?” said The Three Red Riding Hoods at the same time. “If your’re brave enough” said Grandma Pig.The Three Red Riding Hoods tried to follow Big Bad Grandma But Mummy wolf jumped out of nowhere and said “Where are you going darling?” “we are going to kill some one” asid The THree Red Riding Hoods. “but thats too dangerous” said Mummy wolf.So Three Red Riding Hoods went back to their home.

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Part 3: The End

The next morning The Three Red Riding Hoods went to go see Mummy wolf. “Mummy wolf, Big Bad Grandma is trying to eat us and we are trying to get revenge,” said The Three Red Riding Hoods.Mummy wolf said not to worry because she will get revenge herself.So Mummy Wolf went and said to Big Bad Wolf to go back to the woods or else will get the police to arrest her.So Big Bad Grandma Went back to the woods and never came back again.Grandma Pig,Mummy Wolf and Three Red Riding Hoods lived happily ever after.


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