With our Private Kindergarten Program!

(You will also receive this note on a yellow paper this week, but I'm also emailing it because it's so important everyone reads it. Thanks.)

As most of you know, Kuna public schools took a huge budget cut about 5 years ago. To save money on busing, they shortened their Kindergarten program so that students go MWF full day one week, and T_TH full day the next week.

Four years ago, our Sunshine families asked us to create a traditional M-F half day Kindergarten program. So we did! And in our very first year (and every year since) our Kindergarten students have excelled above state standards. Our success comes not only from our commitment to excellence, but also from our Sunshine families’ support. Thank you for your continuing support in all that we do!

To help as many Sunshine families as we can, we are changing the Kindergarten tuition from $290/mo. to just $240/mo. for the 2015-16 school year. That’s a $50/mo. discount – hurray!

For all our Pre-K students who will be eligible for our Private Kindergarten, we will be sending home a DVD in February that tells you all about our wonderful program. Registration will open up March 9, where you will get first dibs on one of our program’s 18 spots. After all, this is YOUR program, and we want to continue to make it the best we can! Also, if your child will need childcare after our Kindergarten program, we know some gals who have home daycares and can transport.

Please hit REPLY to this email to send any questions or comments to our Director, Miss Joy.

Thank you for your support! We love our Sunshine families!