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Reach IPS the Leader In Instant Cloud Solutions, Releases its 7th Generation A-connect A to Z Cloud Solutions


Reach IPS the Leader In Instant Cloud Solutions, Releases its 7th Generation A-connect A to Z Cloud Solutions

CUPERTINO, Calif. (September 17, 2013) – Businesses today are faced with many challenges. Technology keeps advancing, rules constantly change, and compliancy standards get more and more complicated. Most businesses think you must, buy new applications, hardware, and hire IT personnel to support this venture. These changes come at no small cost. Reach IPS hosts the SMB on a secure, compliant cloud backbone, for significantly less than a capital expenditure.

Reach’s cloud backbone was developed to be the most secure, compliant, and complete in the nation. It meets or exceeds all federal compliancy standards, from HIPAA to PCI, as well as DOD level encryption. With 53 datacenters across the nation, we guarantee 99.99% uptime of the data. All of the data would be accessible at any time, through any internet ready device such as, iPhone, iPad, Android, PC etc. Data backups would be scheduled as often as 4 times an hour, and disaster recovery is always in place.

Reach’s cloud is also scalable; access controlled, and has the ability to host a majority of legacy applications. The cloud can be access controlled, allowing certain users to see only certain applications and files. Reach has many partners with applications already tested on our cloud but we also have the ability to implement a legacy application to our cloud. This gives the same application the SMB has known for years, the same security and compliancy of our cloud. Also, since the SMB’s applications and processes are run on the cloud, we enable their current hardware to last longer, and run up to 4x’s faster.

Reach offers 24x7x365 technical support, available by phone, email, or a ticket system. Our support staff proactively maintains and monitors our clients systems, to keep them running at full speed. We will work with the client to make sure they are always satisfied. Since Reach takes care of all the support and maintenance, the SMB can focus on their business, instead of the IT stresses that have plagued them in the past.

Business computing is changing, with more data and software being found on the “cloud,” so that employees and customers have the best access possible to data and services. Not all “cloud” providers are the same.

That is why Reach IPS, located on the Internet at, has assembled the IT consulting team and technology to ensure your business is ready to not only operate in the “cloud,” but to take full advantage of it. Designed for your business in your industry, Reach IPS can "cloudify" your favorite desktop and client/server apps and turbocharge them on the cloud.

No matter your business, Reach IPS is the cloud leader in providing pre-engineered instant cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes. Top-tier security is built into their solutions and can be rapidly deployed by Reach IPS’s talented team or via our user administration panel. They are constructed for maximum performance and are ready-to-go out of the box.

For healthcare IT, there are special challenges and opportunities for which Reach IPS is more than prepared. Consolidating data, standardizing EMR apps and training new software to physicians, nurses and assistants is among Reach IPS’s specialties. Reach's exclusive Total Healthcare Integration System (T.H.I.S.) is the world's first hybrid cloud/onsite platform that integrates patient data and workflow between up top 150 different ambulatory and acute EMR systems without the need for a VPN or appliance or expensive time-consuming programming. Physicians can securely access their patient's data at any facility using their own user credentials, thereby eliminating learning curves and complicated network authentications.

Reach provides both full front office/back office solutions for rural and community hospitals, as well as a long list of a la carte solutions designed to improve communication, reduce operating costs, and lead to improved patient care. With subsidy funds available from the U.S. government for broadband, Reach helps hospitals by providing secure robust connectivity to its cloud for backup and critical application and data Disaster Recovery.

Many hospitals move non-critical applications to Reach’s cloud to reduce management, licensing and backup costs. For many rural hospitals, Reach provides full turnkey technology services as the hospital IT department, complete with virtual CIO, emergency onsite technology support, hosted application and HL7 interfaces, and 24x7x365 HelpDesk service.

A long list of clients stands as testament to the safety and security of Reach’s systems and service. Those clients include a growing list of hospitals and state agencies working more efficiently with Reach IPS’s cloud applications and unmatched security. To see how Reach IPS it consulting and healthcare it can help your service-based business, simply point your browser to or call 877-282-1609.

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