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Lucas Jones

Earthquake PBL

Driving Question

Driving Question: How can we as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Starks that will withstand seismic activity?


The purpose of the Earthquake PBL project was to learn about Earthquakes, to learn about being prepared, being creative and use materials wisely, and lastly to learn on how to work together as a team.

Idea Proposal

Description: We decided to make our house for Tony Stark's as a cube, and the top would be shaped like a pyramid. The clay (cement) would be placed at every corner of the house as isolators and shock absorbers so that the house is able to absorb the magnitude of the earthquake (shake-table). For the cube portion of the building, we put toothpicks (small pieces of wood) to connect all four corners of the cube. With the toothpicks, we decide to put straws (tubes) that the toothpicks would go through as a core-wall so that it allows the structure to stay within the property (plate). For the top of our home for Tony Stark's, we decided to put straws to cohere the pyramid together. The reason we did this was because we didn't have enough height, and we had enough spare materials to apply into our project. This is just about what we did will all the material we were given to use to build for our house for Tony Stark's.

30 Hands Project

Learning Experience (Moments)

Learning Experience (Moments): I learned a valuable lesson while studying about Global Warming. I not only learned what causes Global Warming, but how we as human beings on this Earth can help limit the amount greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere. I learned that by not burning fossil fuels, not using as much electricity, not using transportation (vehicles) as often, deforestation, and working in factories less, can limit the amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This will prevent climate change and global warming.


Description: I enjoyed learning about the climate change and global warming. I even went deeper into the concept of Global Warming and found out how greenhouse gases are being emitted into the atmosphere and are being trapped, this is called the greenhouse effect. Also how humans are contributing to the gases that are being emitted. Overtime, these greenhouse gases are destructing the ozone layer, just recently scientists have found out that the ozone layer above Antarctica is gradually disappearing.

Invention Convention


Problem: The problem that our group is trying to solve is the amount of oil that is accidentally being dumped into the ocean. The innovation of solar power boats can help reduce the amount of oil spills in the ocean.


Solution: The innovation of solar powered boats can help reduce the amount of oil spills that occur in the ocean. Because people who operate boats spill oil on accident. Oil spills can be very harmful to aquatic creatures and not only is it harmful but also overtime, many creatures may perhaps become extinct due to the fact that oil is poisonous.

Extra Credit

Unit 5 The Atmosphere

Unit 5: The Atmosphere: So far this year, my favorite unit this year was the Atmosphere. I loved studying global warming and climate change, because I have always wanted to learn how we as human beings can reduce the amount of Greenhouse Gases that have been emitted into the Atmosphere.

I learned that because of human activities, and some natural processes that emit bad gases and chemicals into the atmosphere and are being trapped, this is called the Greenhouse Effect.

My favorite activities and assignment was the Layers of the Atmosphere on page 15, because it taught me where different things occur in what atmosphere like tempurature, ozone, and meteroits.

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