McDonalds in Argentina

Building Design

The new McDonalds should be two stories to allow the maximum occupancy and hold a playground for kids as well. In the front of the store should be the playground stretching from the first to second story. The back of the first story will hold the kitchen and the counter to order from. It will also hold some tables near the staircase, but the main seating will be on the second floor. The McDonalds should look something close to the picture shown.

Menu Options

Dress Code

The dress code for the new McDonalds should be sleek and modern. It should consist of a hat with the McDonalds logo on it. They should wear a plain red shirt with a name tag so customers can call the employes by name and the McDonalds logo sown in. Next, they should wear plain long black khaki pants. They should also wear plain black shoes of any brand.


With globalization comes many changes. Even in such big industries, outlets need to adapt to the need of where the outlet is located. In Argentina the McDonalds we envision is no different. We would like the building to be two stories to allow the outlet to be a family friendly place and also hold a large occupancy if needed. The Uniform wont change much as the uniform is a sign of unity and should not be changed or revised unless the consent of the head of the corporation is given. Now the food is heavily dependent on where your outlet is located. Argentina in next to the ocean so they are going to have options like Tuna Salads and Fish Sandwichs. It's also going to stick with its roots and sell burgers such as the Triple Mac and the Magnificent Burger.

Argentina is a very diverse country with many different cultures, and we aim to meat everyones needs. We aim to make this one of the best McDonalds on the continent.