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November 2015

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Running Club- Elena Althouse

Running Club

Have you been liking running club? In 2016 there will be a running club in spring! There will be a girls running club and boys running club. Some of the teachers will be Mr. Vreeland, Mrs. Karkan and Mrs. Durham. If you want to sign up there will be signup sheets going home in March or April.

These are the questions we asked students in Fountaindale about running club:

  1. What do you think about running club?

  2. Has running club been going well for you?

  3. What are you learning?

  4. What do you like about running club?

  5. What don't you like about running club?

The answers were:

  1. Awesome run a lot.

  2. Time yourself

  3. Been going well

  4. Learning Breath properly strategies

  5. Likes everything dislikes nothing

I hope you have been liking running club and we hope lots of people sign up for running club next year!

Teacher of the Year- Haley Wainwright


Hello, Students do you have an amazing teacher that should be rewarded with a shout out for how amazing they are? Well then get ready because in a couple days you will be able to vote for the best teacher of this year 2015. I will give you some time to think because you will be able to pick one that’s right one.

How will someone win?

Who will win? Well, that is up to who YOU!Remember you only get one vote.Be sure that this teacher has reasons they should get rewarded. Be sure to pick the right teacher because after this voting nobody and I mean no other teacher will win this again till next school year!

What will this teacher win

What will they win? This teacher will win some school supplies like a brand new tape dispenser and 2 packs of tape, index cards, a pack of post-it notes, and 2 glue sticks. What else well they will win an official award of teacher of the year. Also don’t forget they will win bragging rights.

When and where

This form will be sent out to you next week. The teacher of the year will be announced on the morning announcements. They will also give daily announcements of who is winning how we will do it is throughout the week different classes will get the forms at different times. You will vote on a form in google drive for teacher of the year.

Why am I doing this

I am doing this so the teachers get awarded in some way just like we get awarded with V.I.P and PBS. I think this could be a great time for teachers to get awarded for once. I feel as if all the teachers in the school are forgotten and aren’t appreciated enough.


So do you have a teacher in mind to win? Are you deciding who? Well, you better think fast and be thinking about who YOU want to win for Star teacher of the year. This has been Haley from newspaper club.

Cultural Kids- Sophia Williams

Cultural Kids In Fountaindale

By: Sophia Williams

Fountaindale has many students that come from different cultures, religions, countries, and even celebrate different holidays. There are many students that come/ live in that background at Fountaindale. If you are one of these students, there is even a cultural fair that is happening at Fountaindale that all students with all different cultural backgrounds are welcome to. :)

In our school as I said before there are many kids from different countries. Some of the kids are from France. I interviewed 1 and asked a few question. One of the questions I asked him was, “ How is the food in France, different from the food in Hagerstown”. His response was; “In France they have a lot of varieties of cheese and bread, and in America they don't have as many”. I also asked him another question; “Is there anything that you miss about France, or is there anything that you like more about Hagerstown”? His response was; “ In France there is Fencing, and in America there isn't”. I thought that that response was interesting, maybe I will try fencing sometime!

That is just one example of one of the cultural kids in our school! And take my word for it, there are a lot. Here are some differences in cultures compared to Americas. And some holidays have adapted off of different cultures! For and example; St. Patrick's day was originated in Ireland, and than we adapted to it! Stuff like that. That is a cool example of culture, at least I thought it was.

It is always exciting to meet new people, and make new friends! And especially when you have similarities and differences with a friend, you have something to talk about. That is one of the advantages of different cultures. We are so lucky to be a school that gets to experience that! And I hope that you might find out some cultural kids in your life and Fountaindale!

Turtles- Micheal Seibert

Red-Eared Sliders

Red-Eared Sliders (RES) are the most common freshwater turtles. Red-Eared Sliders are Terrapins, Terrapins are turtles that in freshwater. They are called sliders because when they are startled they slide into the water in a matter of seconds. There is also 21 types of slider turtles like Red-Eared Sliders, Yellow Belly Sliders, Cumberland Sliders, and much more.

Lighting and basking

A correct environment also allows for your turtle to thermonuclear or regulate body temperature. Hatch lings should have a water temperature of 78F-80F, while adult RES can do fine in a temperature of 75F-78F. A basking area should be available that is roughly 10F warmer than the water. With these varying temperatures, sliders can thermonuclear to their POTZ (preferred optimal temperature zone). When sliders are out of this zone, whether it is too cold or warm, they may not behave normally and will become increasingly susceptible to illness and disease. Temperatures that are too cool are often called a “death zone” since they are not cold enough for actual hibernation but cold enough to inhibit their metabolism. Hibernation is considered unnecessary and dangerous for captive RES.


Turtles should be handled gently, with the body and legs supported with both hands. If the turtle becomes alarmed, it may struggle and accidentally scratch your hand or fingers. Many turtles become seriously injured, sometimes fatally, if they fall, so always hold the turtle securely and use two hands. Always wash your hands before and after handling the turtle. Children less than 5 years of age should not handle turtles. If older children are allowed to handle the turtle, teach them how to do it correctly and be sure they also wash their hands before and after contact with the turtle.

Natural environment

The normal range for the Red-eared Slider in the United States is from Illinois to the Gulf of Mexico, and the East Coast to western Texas. It has been found in other regions, presumably because people released their pet turtles into those areas. It spends most of its time in or around water. Although it can be found in lakes and rivers, the Red-eared Slider prefers marshes, ponds, and slow-moving water that supply food and basking areas. In northern areas it will hibernate


Juveniles are mainly carnivorous, and become more omnivorous as they reach adulthood. The diet should be balanced and include a variety of meat-based protein sources and fresh plant material. Do not rely simply on commercial diets. Juveniles should be fed daily, whereas, adults can be fed every other day. Turtles are messy eaters so it is best to move the turtle to a separate feeding tank. This may also help reduce the amount the turtle defecates in the water of his cage. Allow the turtle to eat for 15 minutes before moving it back to the aquarium

Red-eared Sliders can make good pets, but keeping them healthy will require time and expense. The turtle, itself, may not be expensive, but remember that properly equipping the habitat, supplying quality food, and providing veterinary care will cost money. There are many turtles available for adoption because the owners did not understand the time and expense necessary to properly provide for a turtle. So, before purchasing a turtle, give it careful consideration, and then you may want to contact a turtle adoption or re-homing organization, and give an abandoned turtle a much-needed home.

Top 5- Halloween Edition- Ava Profilio & Chelsea Richardson

Top 5: Halloween Edition

We know that Halloween is right around the corner, and you may not have a costume or decorations yet. In this article, you will learn all about D.I.Y. projects for Halloween and how-to easy costumes!


Guess Who People- (Intro.) Ingredients: Cardboard/poster board, fabric paint, normal paint, T-shirt (either blue or red) and funny disguises (Like giant glasses, fake mustaches etc.) Instructions: Cut a square out in the cardboard. Then, paint or print out the guess who on the board in the opposite color of your t-shirt. Also, do the same thing at the bottom except with your name. (DOesn’t have to be real name.) Paint a big white question mark on the T-shirt. Then, when everything has dried, put on your silly disguise and hold the board to your face. You're ready to go trick-or-treating! (Works best with two people with opposite colors.)

Ceiling Fan- (Intro.) Supplies- Foam finger (Optional), Flag (Optional), Hat (optional),Shirt, Fabric markers or paint( if running short on time use a regular marker). First you are going to lay your shirt out flat, you can iron it out if one of those people. Then you take your fabric marker and right either go ceilings, #1 ceilings fan, or whatever you would like. Then if you want to go above and beyond then you can right once again whatever you would like on your hat, foam finger, or flag.


For the first decoration you will need a small pumpkin,carving tools, and a small or big candle depending on your pumpkin size. First you will want to hollow out your pumpkin. Second, you will take your candle and place it inside of the pumpkin. And lastly you have yourself a nice looking pumpkin candle, but if it's not to heavy and you would like to hand it simply hot glue a piece of ribbon on the sides.

School Lunches- Corrie Kennedy

Have you ever wondered what students think about school lunches? Well, you’re about to know. I have interviewed Pablo, Conny and Hannah. K and this is what they think.

One of the questions I asked was, “which is better school or packed lunches?” What I have heard from Hannah is she likes packed lunches because school lunches make her feel sick. Pablo directly said,”Packed because you get what you want.” Conny had a different opinion, she said,”School lunch, not always but mostly.”

Another question I asked was, “Do you like school lunches and why?” Conny said, “Mostly because it is packed with nutrients.” Pablo also said,” Sometimes because you can buy snacks and the fruit is good.” Hannah said, “No because it makes me feel sick.”

The last question I asked was, “If you could what would you change about the school lunches?” Pablo Conny and Hannah all said they would change the cheese because it doesn't taste real and tastes bad. Now that you have heard about what other students think about school lunches, what do you think?

Ways to Prepare for a Test- Daniela Cifuentes

There's a test tomorrow. What should I Do??? I Interviewed a couple students and Mrs. Dodd.

  • Sira Villaman says “We should take a pretest and learn more about the subject before the test.”

  • Willmaris Rivera says “You could also study at home and do your homework because there might something on the test in your homework!”

  • Emma Swope says “Don’t stress, practice the night before”.

  • Mrs.Dodds says “You shouldn’t worry about it, Schools do it to see where you are and how to help you.”

So now you have some ways to study for a test! And remember it's just to see where you are and how to help you!