App Professional Development

October 19, 2017


A creative, presentation tool for many classroom purposes. Buncee can be accessed on either the app or web.

For more ideas on using Buncee, visit Buncee's Idea Center.


Graphic design tool for creating beautiful, professional designs. Canva be accessed through the app or the web.

Explore Canva templates.


Students can complete work in real-time and receive help from peers and the teacher. Classkick be accessed through the app or the web.

Explore the Teacher Resources page.


Spark student discussion and response using a digital platform. Flipgrid is accessible via its app or the web.

Check out the resource page for more ideas.

iOS 11

Want to get the most out of the iPad? Look at the new updates for iOS 11.


Use the iPad app, Maps, to expand your students' view of the world!

Click here to see which locations is available in the various Maps features.


Make presentations more interactive for students using Nearpod. It is accessible through the app or web.

Explore Nearpod lessons or visit Nearpod's YouTube channel for video tutorials on using the resource.

Shadow Puppets

Students of all ages can create videos in the classroom using Shadow Puppets.

Visit this website for lesson ideas.