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One of the greatest features of Brainpop (junior edition or regular) is that it applies to much more than our core subjects!

Equally awesome is your ability to create classes and assign short animated videos, lesson activities that include multiple digital graphic organizers, quizzes, educational games, and much more!

What is Brainpop?

New & Trending

The New & Trending section of Brainpop has units that will help you teach students about current events, holidays, etc.

Current topics include election, voting rights, invasive species, COVID-19, and self-esteem.

Options are Always a Good Thing!

I have used Brainpop in multiple ways in the classroom. I have used the movies as a whole class introduction to a topic, stopping it periodically to discuss key points and even completing the lesson activities and/or quiz as a guided lesson where we discussed it as we went along or allowing groups to work through lesson activities together. However, if you stop there, you are missing some of the great features that Brainpop has to offer! You can create classes and make assignments so students can easily be assigned movies and lesson activities for independent work as well!

Brainpop lessons also make for a great substitute lesson and/or lessons for remote learners! All of the lesson activities are created as digital lessons so students can easily use drag and drop features to create graphic organizers, add text to answer questions, and SO MUCH MORE!!

Teacher/Student Accounts

All SRISD teachers already have BrainpopJr/Brainpop accounts. Rosters for students in third though eighth grade have also been entered. If you would like that login information, or to have your grade level added, please let me know.

The next section of this newsletter will highlight content areas included in the program. Please take the time to quickly scroll to your content area and check out the section that best applies to you. If you make it to the end, you could earn stars!

Math - Brainpop Edition

There are many math units! I found these topics within the Geometry and Measurement unit-
Big picture

Health Units

The picture below is just SOME of the many health units. Each unit has many topics which consist of movies, lesson activities, games, etc.
Big picture

Fine Arts

Finally a program that includes some online resources for our art and music teachers! Mrs. Kirshman and Mrs. Ward - each of these units contain several lessons for you!!
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A Wealth of Resources for Social Studies teachers!

Within each Brainpop unit are multiple topics!
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ELAR Teachers!!!

While graphic organizers are used in all content areas, it is one of my favorite ELAR options! Use the Make A Map option to have students complete a plot diagrams, problem solution charts, vocabulary maps, and much more that are completely digital! You can use templates or have students create their own.

Brainpop ELAR Units include:

Famous Authors and Books - 21 topics

Reading Skills - 32 topics

Grammar - 36 topics

Writing - 46 topics

BrainpopJr ELAR units include:


Reading Skills

Story Elements







Last, but not least....Science!

Mrs. Mackey is our Brainpop rockstar and can tell you much more about all the great features of creating classes and utilizing Brainpop as a resource in your science classroom! Both BrainpopJr and Brainpop have so many great, TEKS aligned lessons.

Self-contained teachers who struggle to teach science and social studies on a daily basis - you HAVE to check it out today. Better yet, let me come model a Brainpop Jr lesson in your class ASAP.

Science units pictured below are from BrainpopJr. There are lots of great units in Brainpop as well. Each unit opens to several lesson options.

Big picture


Whether we like it or not, many kids are gamers. Brainpop allows you to use the power of gaming to reach your students.

Example Game - Win the Whitehouse

Win the Whitehouse was/is a perfect game on the election process! Students become presidential candidates and are taken through the entire election process - from creating their candidate, participating in their party's primary, selecting their VP, and more. I played as a middle school student and thought it was very age appropriate.
Big picture
Big picture
Brainpop offers an introductory class if you would like to learn more about getting started or trying it out in your classroom. Click here or send me an email today. I will gladly set up your classes for you and help you get started. It is very user friendly.

Still With Me?

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