By : MacKenna Wallace


What animal has red fur, a bush tail, and 12 different species in the world? A Fox! Foxes are carnivore. Foxes predators are Humans (us), Bears, Eagles, Hyenas, Snowy Owls, Wolves, and Polar Bears. Read more about this interesting animal!

Eating Habits

Foxes are carnivores. Foxes main prey are rabbits, birds, and lizards. Rabbits are foxes favorite food. They can also eat lemmings, berries, insects, rodents, plants, and fruit.

Where Foxes Live

Foxes can live in different places. They can live in woodland areas, urban parks, African Sahara Desert, and polar forest regions.

Body Features

Foxes bodies are 16-33 inches. Foxes weigh 11-24 pounds. Foxes live up to 3-11 years. Fox's fur color is brown, black, tan, and red. Foxes have pointed ears and a long bush tail.


Foxes are really unique animals. Foxes are really brave to live in cities. It would be really cool to see a fox in person.
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