SSAE High School Bytes

August 2019


Here you will find important information for SSAE high school students and parents.

Meet Our High School Teachers

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Teacher contact information through REMIND

SSAE will be using REMIND to communicate with parents and students. REMIND is an easy to use communication tool and can be put on your phone or computer. Please Google REMIND on your computer or look for it in the App Store. Once you have done this, please enter the appropriate code for your student's teachers and classes.

REMIND APP Teacher Codes for classes(for parents and students)


  • World History: @aubainwh1
  • US History: @aubainus
  • Teen Leadership: @aubaintl
  • Academic Fitness: @aubainaf


  • Geometry: @estesgeo
  • Algebra 1: @estesalg1
  • PreCalc: @estespc
  • Personal Finance: @pf-ssae


  • Algebra I: @mcclaina1
  • Algebra 2: @mcclaina2
  • Stats&Probability: @stats-prob
  • Business Math: @busmathe


  • American Literature: @amrlitssae
  • English 1: @eng1ssae
  • English 2: @eng2ssae
  • Gothic Literature: @gothssae
  • Speech and Communication: @speechssae


  • Biology: @watsonbiol
  • Chemistry: @watsonchm
  • Forensics: @watsonfor


  • College Adobe Illustrator: @3k3f8c
  • College Drawing: @24ck9g
  • Fine Arts: @879ach
  • Digital Photo: @hcbb6k


  • All Fully Virtual Electives: @ssae-elec
  • Digital Citizenship: @ssaedigcit
  • Engineering Design and Development: @ssae-edd
  • Intro to Architecture: @ssae-arch
  • Intro to Engineering Design: @ssae-i2ed
  • Physical Education: @ssae-pe
  • Principles of Engineering: @ssae-poe
  • Student Council: @ssae-stuco
  • Work Study: @ssae-work

Upcoming Important Dates

August 2019

8/12/19- Edgenuity/ALEK launch

8/13/19- First full day schedule for ALL high school students

8/27/19- Advisory Committee Open House (Engineering/Architecture)

8/29/19- Space Camp Meeting HS