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Captain cool, Dhoni hands over the legacy to the aggressive Kholi

The sudden decision by Dhoni to resign from his captaincy and retire from the test cricket left a shrill among masses. The entire cricket fraternity was stunned and there were even few who couldn’t digest this truth. Various theories have started to perform the rounds out of which major are rumours.

What do you think could have been the possible reason for Mahi to have retired?

The entire world has jumped into the adventure to search for a valid reason on this decision. I would strongly recommend you to ignore what the media says, because most of them are just unrealistic rumours. Publicity and TRP is all that they aim for, hence spread such rumours and tickle the controversies. There are even few examples where the rumour stepped into the real world because it was a social cause. It is no exaggeration to say that the lives of celebrities are being manipulated with false news.

Coming back to the ex-skipper’s episode

Some say that the environment inside the dressing room had gone worse. Dhoni himself admitted that it was his body that underwent wear and tear. And he had lost the stamina to handle all forms of the game. The question slammed by media on his statement was logical and absurd both at the same time. Considering his service, achievements and success why are we not capable to safeguard our leader. It still remains unanswered that quitting a career mid-way between an on-going series. He could have done announced his retirement before and quit after the series or have disclosed this only after the series completely.

Whatever it might be but collaborating with national disgrace is inhuman. This is wrong on the Medias part. We Indians lack some basic etiquette to respect an individual’s privacy. And to the astonishment celebrities have been ripped off from this freedom. The decision of the ex-skipper has to be respected and nurtured. And this is no wrong time for him to have retired and resigned from his captaincy.

Dhoni has ensured that this is the most optimum tenure for his stepping down from the role of a leader. And Virat is all set and ready to take on this responsibility and ensure the team is privileged with expert’s advice.


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