1930's Research Project

Alllusions: Octagon Soap, Dixie Howell,Dewey Decimal System

Octagon Soap

Octagon soap was intended to be laundry soap, but was often used as an all-purpose soap. The soap was first sold in 1928 from Colgate.

I think Lee chose to put this allusion to show the products they used.

This gives the reader a better understanding of the things they had and how they used it. In the book, they use Octagon Soap to bathe.

"She [Calpurnia] made me soap all over twice, drew fresh water in the tub for each rinse; she stuck my head in a basin and washed it with Octagon Soap and castile." (pg. 117)

Dixie Howell

Dixie Howell was a football player in Alabama. He is famous for the passing combination "Howell-to-Hudson'.

Lee chose to use him to give us an understanding of famous athletes.

This gives the reader a better understanding of Jem's favorite player and a little image of what Jem looks like.

"I picked up a football magazine, found a picture of Dixie Howell, showed it to Jem and said, 'This looks like you.'" (pg. 103)


They don't look like each other...

Dewey Decimal System

The Dewey Decimal System Classification System is a tool use by libraries to arrange items by subject on a shelf.

Lee chose to mention this allusion to explain what school's used to help teach their class.

This gives the reader an understanding of the school systems.

"' 'I'm just trying to tell you the new way they're teachin' the first grade, stubborn.It's the Dewey Decimal System.' " (pg. 18)

A Song From 1935

It is said that 1930's was called the "Big Band Era". As I was scrolling down the list of hits from the 30's, I realized Benny Goodman was on almost every song listed. So I had to get a song from him.

This song is called "Sing, Sing, Sing"