Rebecca Soni The Breaststroke

By: Leah Jimmerson

Rebecca Soni Sports Science Breaststroke

What area does this fall under?

Swimming falls under biomechanics: For each swimming stroke, the technique has developed over the years due to close examination and research by sports biomechanics staff.


This is different from the other types of styles because with this stroke you use a lot of leg power to succeed but others use like flutter kicks and use the arms. With the breaststoke you use about 100lbs per force kick if not less or more. This is known as one of the slowest styles of strokes you can do.

Does this change the sport?

In my opinion it does change the sport especially with this type of stroke. How I thinks it changes it is by determining how much weight your legs and arms can produce, and the weight room would definitely help with that.

Rebecca's 200 record

Rebecca Soni set a record on August 12th 2012 for the women's 200meter breaststroke with a time of 2:19.59 at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The average time for the Breaststroke is 2:30-2:35