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June 1, 2015



Continue to lift up Dawn Priest’s mother , Dawn, and her family as well as Kim's husband Bruce and their family.

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Wyatt......Born at 9:06 pm. 7 lbs 3 oz. 20 inches long.

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CONGRATS Ms. Melissa Cox

Melissa Cox was named the Moore County School's Elementary Math Teacher of the Year!!!!!!!!
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Testing Began this past Friday and OUR EAGLES ARE READY!!!!!!

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Reminders for All Testing and Assessments:


General Statute §115C-174.10 states that the North Carolina Testing Program has three purposes: “(i) to assure that all high school graduates possess those minimum skills and that knowledge thought necessary to function as a member of society, (ii) to provide a means of identifying strengths and weaknesses in the education process in order to improve instructional delivery, and (iii) to establish additional means for making the education system at the State, local, and school levels accountable to the public for results.” In order to maintain the integrity of the North Carolina Testing Program, it is essential for school personnel to develop awareness of proper testing protocol and procedures. Knowledge of testing policies and procedures helps ensure the North Carolina Testing Program is conducted in a manner that is fair, consistent, and equitable for all students.

Test Security

Secure test materials include, but are not limited to, test blueprints; test layout forms; item pools; operational or field test books, test questions, or test book sections; and answer documents.

Secure test materials may be in electronic or paper format. Because test materials in North Carolina are often reused and because test materials are costly to generate, every precaution must be taken to ensure all test materials remain secure at all times.

Secure state tests, including all field tests and special studies, shall not be copied, filed, or used in instructional activities. School personnel and proctors must neither disclose the contents of secure tests nor discuss with each other or with students specific test questions or information contained within the tests. Discussing information related to the content of specific test items or test forms is prohibited and a direct violation of the Testing Code of Ethics. This prohibition includes teachers who serve on item or test review committees. It is not permissible to discuss test items with anyone, including professional colleagues, parents, and/or students. In abiding by this guideline, educators ensure that the integrity of the tests is maintained, which helps minimize the use of costly resources when test security has been compromised.

In addition, excerpts from the tests must not be used at any time during classroom instruction or in resource materials such as study guides. Access to the tests must be limited to school personnel who have a legitimate need. Persons who have access to secure test materials must not use their access to those materials for personal gain.

State Board of Education policy GCS-A-010 specifies that “no person may copy, reproduce, or paraphrase in any manner or for any reason the test materials without the express written consent of the test publisher.” Copying, reproducing, or paraphrasing test materials represents a breach of test security and is a violation of federal copyright laws, North Carolina Administrative Code, State Board of Education policy, and the North Carolina Testing Code of Ethics.

Testing Code of Ethics

The North Carolina Testing Code of Ethics stresses the importance of maintaining test security at all times and addresses appropriate professional practices for central office and school administrators, test coordinators, teachers (test administrators), and proctors in the areas of securing tests; administering tests; and scoring, reporting, and interpreting test results. The sanctions for violations are also included in the Testing Code of Ethics and are applicable to the administration of all secure state-mandated tests.

Ethical testing practices include but are not limited to

1. informing students about the tests and why the tests are important;

2. informing students and parents about how the tests and test results will be used;

3. preparing students to take the tests;

4. ensuring that all eligible students take the tests;

5. encouraging students to attempt to respond to all test items and do their very best; and

6. sharing the results of the tests along with any available interpretation of the scores with students and parents within the allotted timelines.


June 2: ELA EOG Grade 3-8

June 3: MATH EOG Grade 3-8

June 4: SCIENCE NCFE Grade 4, 6, & 7

June 4: Math I EOC

June 5: SOCIAL STUDIES NCFE Grade 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


June 8: Test Day

June 9: Fun Day K-8

June 10: Recognition Day

Grade 8 Promotion Ceremony and Dance

June 11: Last Day of School: Students dismiss at 11:30 am. Teachers please join me in the auditorium at 12:00 for our end of the year luncheon.

June 12: Mandatory Teacher Workday

Daily Expectations for Soaring to Excellence

Positive Emotional Classroom

Alignment to Standards


Differentiated Instruction

Posted and Aligned "I Can Statements"

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Its What ??????

IT IS HERE!!!!!! The time of the year when our students put on their thinking caps for the END of YEAR tests. Friday kicked it off with our Grade 5 and Grade 8 Science Tests. Grade k-2 has been testing since the beginning of May and have finished up their mCLASS and Math Assessments. Grade 3 has wrapped up their Read to Achieve Portfolios. This week ELA, Math, Math I, Social Studies, and More Science!!!! Folks.... we are in the short rows. I want to remind all of your that You Have NOT prepared our Eagles for "tests".....You HAVE taught them the curriculum!!!!! The "tests" are final indicators that show in a standardized fashion what our students know.....and because of your teaching they are Going To Soar. Remind them of that.....Remind them that they have GROWN and ARE SOARING and they will do GREAT!!!!

I Thank You for teaching the CURRICULUM because that is what makes our students GREAT. They are problem solvers, readers, creators, and imaginative. They are an AWESOME school of kiddos. Our upbeat and low stressed spirit is what will keep their nerves in check this week, because they all get nervous, whether they show it or not, this time of year. SMILE and BREATH......and if you need anything this week please let me or Ms. Bennett know.....Thanks and GO TEAM HIGHFALLS!!!!!!! - Dyan

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