The Hunger Games | Mockingjay

by Suzanne Collins | Poster by Parker L

The Final Book of THE HUNGER GAMES

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May the odds be... ever in your favor.

This book is enthralling, I couldn't set it down. I doubt you will be able to either. Many say it isn't their favorite, but it is a twist on a series that makes you longing for another book. Katniss just keeps you interested and Immersed in the book as she has her own agenda and it is explained thoroughly throughout the book. I strongly recommend you to read The Hunger Games series, and to not avoid this one/

Suzanne Collins

She was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1962 and was the daughter of an air force pilot. She moved many times while she was still young. Then after proving herself as a talented children's television writer, she published her first book which was Gregor the Overlander which was the first book of the The Underland Chronicles. Then finally in 2008 The Hunger Games was published.