The Coliseum Update

Leaves are falling and so is the weight

Remember the 3 C's

Ok, maybe our weight is not falling like the leaves exactly, but hey, it's a good visual. However, we do love to train and it shows. Check out the new record in October for check-ins below.

With all the holiday temptations to eat treats and skip workouts, we have to keep in mind the 3 C's: commitment, convenience and consistency.

You have worked too hard this year to stop training and being mindful of clean eating. Think of how much further ahead you will be in January if you keep your plan working for the next 6 weeks. Stay committed to your ideal look and feel. Notice we didn't just say "weight". If you like numbers, then go by body fat % and body tape for measurements. Fitting into a pair of jeans is a better evaluation than the scales, as the scales can be manipulated by water weight, muscle & organ mass, bone density, etc. Get use to looking at yourself in the mirror in the morning, not just looking down at a number on a little machine. Get to know your body's composition so you can craft an exercise routine to construct the physique you want.

Do what is convenient. Don't pressure yourself to make sure you are performing the latest fitness fad, simply do what you know works and keep in tune with your body. The Coliseum is convenient, your sidewalk is convenient, maybe a tennis court, a bike ride, the gym near your house, etc. And of course, keep as consistent as possible. Your likelihood of sticking it out grows nearly 3 times when you plan out your workouts for the week and you get an accountability partner.

Record Month for October!

We love to train and it shows...

No signs of slowing down, only ramping up!

During a quarter when most health clubs show declines in participation, we broke another record for utilization in October, with 1,254!

Fantastic job on keeping your personal commitment for positive change strong!

Your top 10 for the month coming soon.

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Steppin' UP & Gettin' UP!

How high are you climbing? Many of your fellow associates are climbing stairs and performing UP exercises everyday. Although it's too late to join in for a prize, it's never too late to join in! The Get Up exercises to be done everyday are attached, and here are landmarks to conquer:
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Challenge 36 for 2014

This will serve as your holistic "Live Well" health & wellness challenge for the year. What's your healthy? Find partnership on your health journey by leading or joining a F.I.T Group!

Fun | Interactive | Training

It's not just about participating, it's about leading!

Weekly Services to Assist in Holistic Health

The Coliseum serves to empower and partner alongside you on your road to consistent healthy living. And we want you to have a blast doing it! Join in! There are many things you will find of interest between onsite wellness practitioners, personal training and nearly 50 group classes every week.

For a complete listing of services with pricing and your ability to schedule online, please click on the Coliseum logo below!