Friday Wrap Up

Friday, 2/12/16

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Q3 Interim Assessments

Q3 Interim assessments must be integrated into your course Content and Class Plan by Today! Your course will be reviewed by COB today to ensure you are all set. Please let your HLT know if you have any questions or concerns.

Physical Fitness Testing (PFT)

Reminder that ALL 9th grade students should be assigned to a testing location by COB TODAY, 2/12! Attached is a helpful PPT that may help answer any questions you may have or receive from students regarding the testing.

Remember if you have any questions, please reach out to your HLT, Roxi -, or Carol – and they will be more than happy to help!

Cancel CC Sessions for 2/15/2016

Please ensure all live CC sessions are canceled for Monday, February 15th, due to the Holiday!
Have a WONDERFUL long weekend!

Teacher Training Live Session Sign up- Module 6

Sign up today for the k12 Live training - scheduled for 2/16/2016

HS NPD: Best Practices

log into k12training > In search bar type, "HS NPD Best Practices > Click on Classroom Calendar View > Click the link located on 2/16/2016 > sign up!

Quarter 3 New Students

Please be sure that you have reached out to any new students in your homeroom this quarter. Once you receive the green light from a FAST member, it is your responsibility to introduce yourself to the student and begin working with the family. Ensure that these contacts are logged in Pathways, selecting "WELCOME CALL" under the area of subject/focus. These calls should be done within 24 hours of receiving the green light email from the FAST Team.

Revert School Calendar

We need to make some corrections in the OLS with regard to attendance – the five days of non-instructional time between Quarter 2 and Quarter 3 are showing as missing attendance days for our students. Please follow the steps below to edit your homeroom students’ calendars.

Revert School Calendar

1) Click on Students> By Classroom > HS_ Your Homeroom

2) Click on Attendance> Click on Each of your HR students’ names individually.

3) Click on ‘Manage Student’s Schedule’.

4) Click on ‘Use School Calendar’ then click ‘Save’.

5) Click on each school day from January 28 – February 3 to mark these as “days off.” This will allow the student to not be marked as absent for these non-instructional days. Then click ‘Save’.

6) Repeat for each student.

Please let your HLT know if you need any help with this task!

Department meeting 2/16/2016

Please join us for Department meeting at 9am in the Staff Room next Tuesday!


Student Logged Time in Pathways

A few of you have had questions regarding how to interpret the logged student time in Pathways. Understanding the amount of student logged time may assist you in tracking student success, as well as helping families see the correlation between amount of time spent in courses, and passing classes. Please see below for further explanation.

EXAMPLE: PW time of 1.92 Minutes=

The 1.92 translates to 1 hour and 55 minutes of system logged time. To translate the decimal part of the number, multiply it by 60. Here’s a good way to think of it:

  • 1.92 means 1 hour + 0.92 of an hour
  • Which is the same as 1 hour + 92% of an hour
  • Or 1 hour + 92% of 60 minutes
  • =1 hour + 55.2 minutes
  • Rounded to the nearest minute = 1 hour 55 minutes

More examples:

0.63 = 38 minutes

4.15 = 4 hours 9 minutes

0.02 = 1 minute

* remember to round it after multiplying because Pathways starts with the number of minutes, divides by 60, and rounds it to get the decimal number. So you’re just reversing the process to turn it back into minutes.

Content Resources

Looking for content resources? Look no further!
Content Resources can be found in SharePoint. We would love for you to contribute to the resources folder. Please feel free to upload your content resources to share with the team!

SharePoint California Managed Schools > Teams > IS-CALA > Shared Documents > Content Resources > Class Specific Resources

Testing Window and RTO DATES

The testing window for this school year will be April 27th -May 31st. Based on these dates, the following documents the updated time off restrictions for the remainder of the year.

End of Quarter:
No consecutive days off January 26th – February 5th
No consecutive days off April 13th – April 20th


No consecutive days off week prior to testing window open
No days off weeks of testing (April 27th-May 31st )
No consecutive days off week following testing window close

End of Year:
No consecutive days off June 17th – June 24th

Due Dates and Reminders

Feb 15th: Presidents Day

Feb. 18th: LP6 Begins (2/19/2016-3/17/2016)

Feb. 18th: Q3-C1 BTSP & i-Ready Due (New Students Only)

Feb. 22nd: Q3-C2 TSPs Due

Feb. 29th: Teacher Calendars Due

March 8-9th: In-Person Professional Development

March 17th: LP-7 Ends (3/18-4/21)

March: 21-25: Spring Break

March 31st: Teacher Calendars Due

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