Thermoscan India

Detecting Risk to avoid Catastrophe

What and why Thermoscan?

We use Infrared (Thermal) imaging, which can used in a variety of industry such as Construction, Electrical equipment's, Mechanical equipment's Factories Buildings and similar industries to pre-determine faults and failing components avoiding valuable losses caused due to failures and unscheduled downtime's.

Statistics prove that most Urban fires are caused due to poor maintenance which result into Short Circuits and Contactors failing. These can easily be detected by Thermal imaging with Zero downtime.

Problems like moisture leakage, seepage can also be detected by thermal imaging.

You can use thermal imaging to find out where your Cooling units are loosing their efficiency from? Is the Thermal insulation done at the site proper or are there gaps which cause cooling to escape which are not visible to the Human eye.

Thermal imaging will give you a snapshot of what and where your problems are. This can help you easily plan out and carry out maintenance at scheduled times, making sure you do not have costly emergency maintenance issues.

Where all can you use Thermal imaging services?

Infrared (Thermal) Imaging can be directly applied in the following fields

  • Moisture and Leakage detection and inspection (Non-Invasive)
  • Roof Inspections
  • Build Quality Inspections
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Mechanical Inspections
  • Pipe Inspections
  • Process and Product Applications
  • Energy Conservation
  • Cooling solution effectiveness Inspections
  • Building Heat Loss