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Dec. 7-Dec. 19th

Two weeks until Break!

Last week we met with the Adeniyi family. It was an emotional meeting. They expressed their gratitude for the love, prayers and kindness shared with them over the past few months. They have felt your love and prayers. As a school we are working with the PTO on including Dayo's name in some way with the PTO scholarships and Sharlee's class is discussing planting a tree. The parents and kids appreciate your continued prayers for their family. It is a very difficult journey. Thanks for all you have done.


1. If you have interest in a student teacher for the 206-17 school year, please email me. They are starting to role in and I think it is great to have 2-4 per year.

We will have three in general education for this coming second semester. Rachel Kammer (Taylor) with Tanya Barmore, Erin Kopinski (IU) with Dena Bradburn, and Audrey Stuckey (IU) with Julie K and Tara H. We will also have a shared student teacher in speech!

2. Reminder that all RTI data was to be entered no later than Dec. 1 and/or the first of every month. If you have any questions, please make sure to see me or an RTI team member. THANKS.

There are lots of great articles attached to this SMORE so please take some time to read. THANKS!


Monday: Math Leads at training; 6:30 Science Night

Tuesday: 12 staff members out at EC and CCA

Wednesday- GES Technology Needs Assessment; 9:15 HSE Choir at GES; Christi out after 2:00 PM

Thursday- Christi out all day in Missouri; RTI K-1-2; AM PTO meeting off site


Monday- 8:00 Reading Leader Meeting, 8:25 New Staff Orientation Meeting; 9:30 and 2:30 K Singing

Tuesday: 8:15 Math Leads Planning Meeting; 9:30-noon Christi at FJH ADMIN meeting



Friday- Winter Parties

does control have a hold on you?

Control can directly impact how we ask questions. Awesome read. Must read for all.

Growth mindset or fixed mindset?

Thank you to a staff member that shared a great article on how sometimes we are using Dwecks work incorrectly. Take a look and if you have interest, we still have some more books you could take home for winter break. They are sitting under my light switch. No need to ask, just grabbed one. Feel free to share some take aways you find as you are reading!

Growth Mindset Guru says some are using her research incorrectly!

a) She advises teachers and parents to praise a child’s process and strategies, and tie those to the outcome.

b) Dweck says teachers need to sit down with a student and say, “Let’s look at what you’ve done,” “Let’s look at what your understanding is,”

c) “Growth mindset is hard. Many educators are trying to skip the journey.”


Speed of trust is something we all face in every relationship. This is true with our colleagues, our parents and our students. How do we go about relaying our integrity, intent, capabilities and results? How is that communicated at Back to school night, through our newsletters, in our phone calls and through our students?

Speed of trust.

Helping out Nicole Harbron

She is so thankful for all that the school is doing. She had a very rough week last week and had a low white blood cell count and didn't sleep for a week so she was hospitalized. She managed to a great night of sleep on Friday in the hospital and felt like a new woman! Thanks for all you are doing! See the following link for her food delivery!

Thanks for loving on her!

technology survey

If you haven't shared about your tech needs, wants and priorities, please do so!

Thank you--

Technology Survey

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