Mr. Dowling

2nd and 3rd Grade


Epic Books- We use this site as a choice during Silent Reading Stations.

Common Sense Media- Find Digital Citizenship Lessons as well as Ratings and Reviews for shows, movies, apps and more!

BrainGenie- Provides online Math and Science practice activities for elementary students.

Homophones- These are words that sound the same, but have different meanings and are spelled differently. This site gives some examples and some activities.

In Our Classroom

May 17th

This Week:

We enjoyed our last week here at OVS with a Field Day. Although we don't really have a field, we did have fun. We went down into our basement and did some team building activities with a parachute, some balloons and a Hoola Hoop. I think the kids really enjoyed it!

Looking Ahead:

We will be finalizing report cards over the next week and wrapping things up in this building. Our new adventure awaits at the TAC building!

I have also archived the Seesaw class. If you wanted to download and keep any of their work or recordings from Seesaw please follow the link below.

Downloading Student Work from Seesaw

I truly had a great time teaching this group of learners. I think we accomplished quite a bit over the year. Keep the momentum going this summer! Hope to see you this Fall!

May 3rd

This Week:

This week we enjoyed finishing up the clay art projects. They turned out great! We also had our last coding class of the year. Students uploaded their final writing prompt of the year to Seesaw. They wrote a “how to” about a process of their choosing. We also completed a Story Cube for the book they read in Literature Circles. They uploaded it to Seesaw as well.

Looking Ahead:

Next week will be our Spring MAP testing. There will be NO FACE-TO-FACE classes next week. If you have a second grader, please sign them up for 2 time slots. Please sign up for 3 time slots for third graders.

Here's a quick view of the remaining weeks of school...

May 6th - May 9th-- Spring MAP testing (NO face-to-face)

May 14th - May 16th-- Last week of school, Field Day, Device Turn-in, Last week to turn in Artifacts

April 26th

This Week:

We had a great week! Learners were able to preview some of the games we will have on hand at our Family Game Night on Friday. We worked with homophones this week as well. Homophones are words that sound the same, but are spelled differently and have different meanings. We wrote some sentences and played Homophone Dominoes. I added a link about homophones in the Resources portion above.

I was also able to get most learners Bench-marked for the final time this year. This is the process of determining their reading level.

Looking Ahead:

Our year is quickly winding down. We will have Art and Coding next week. Learners will also be completing their final writing sample of the year with a ‘How to’ paragraph. We are finished with our Class Connect Science and Social Studies lessons for the year. Please use this time on Mondays and Fridays to get caught up on K12 work. If you have specific curriculum questions, there will be on optional Office Hours Class Connect time from 9:00-10:15 on Monday and Friday mornings. This is the same procedure we used to close out the first semester back in December.

Here's a quick view of the remaining weeks of school...

April 30th- May 2nd-- Normal Face-to-face week

May 6th-May 9th-- Spring MAP testing (NO face-to-face)

May 14th - May 16th-- Last week of school, Field Day, Device Turn-in, Last week to turn in Artifacts

April 19th

This Week:

We dug into Minecraft Graphing this week. Students had to work in groups to try and interpret a graph. There were a few issues, but overall, we had pretty good connectivity. I had many questions about whether students can use it at home. I told them they could as long as it doesn’t interfere with their K12 work. I know some parents had uninstalled it. I am asking that you leave it installed to save us time in the classroom. Thanks!

Looking Ahead:

If your student is reading Knights of the Round Table, please have them read Chapter 5 for next week. If your student is reading Space Heroes, they should read up to page 47 by next week. We worked on a Fake Text project for their reading last week. Not all students were able to finish. They all have links in their OneNote. Please feel free to have them work on it at home. There is a video tutorial in their OneNote that explains every step of the process.

April 5th

This Week:

We had NSCAS Testing for 3rd Graders. I am proud of how hard the students worked. Way to Go!

Looking Ahead:

Next week we will be having a short week due to Teacher In-service days. There will be no face-to-face classes on Thursday. I encourage Thursday AM and PM classes to join us on one of the other session times. We will continue to work on Graphing. We are going to see how Minecraft is working this year. We will be doing some fun and engaging graphing lessons using the Minecraft world.

Please have your student come to school with their Lit Circle book. I gave a few copies out last week and will need those returned each week. Students should come to school having read Chapters 2 and 3 in Knights of the Round Table. If your student is reading Space Heroes, they should have read up to page 27 by next week.

If you are a Thursday student and are unable to make it to class, please read Chapter 4 in Knights of the Round Table or up to page 37 in Space Heroes.

Finally, we will also be having ART and Coding next week! It should be a lot of fun!

March 22nd

This Week:

It was our first week back from break. We're getting back into the swing of things. We focused on preparing for state testing. Learners were able to log into a practice test and try out the new tools available. We want them to be familiar and comfortable with their options. There is a Quick Link inside their OneNote called State Testing Prep that will allow you to see samples of questions. Learners can also go there to practice as much as they want.

In our online Science lesson we were talking about Earth's rotation. I referenced a video I found of Fairbanks, Alaska when they have almost 24 hours of daylight during the Summer Solstice. It's interesting how the sun doesn't just go from east to west. The link is below.

Looking Ahead:

We will have online Social Studies lessons on Monday and we will be having our normal face-to-face classes as well. I will be at a Math training on Thursday, so there will be a substitute. All of the K-8 teachers will be at a Technology Conference called NETA on Friday so there will be no online Science courses. I've already taken it off the schedule.

**3rd Grade Learning Coaches**- Please take the time to click on the link below and sign up your learner for State Testing. You will need to sign up for 2 different time slots (Math and Reading).