Abbotsford MF Soccer Club

U8/U9 Update for April 16, 2014

Balancing The Teams

Good morning all,

It seems that there are some discrepancies in the teams in the way they have been set up. I have a couple of suggestions and ask for your quick responses in order to make things happen quickly.

The spirit of the Spring Recreational League has always been one of fun. However, it's no fun if you are losing every game and haven't scored many goals of your own. With this in mind, I'm asking for your input on a couple of things.

First, we are filling up and are nearing the point where we could be adding teams to relieve some of the substitution issues and to allow more players even more playing time. While it's a nice problem to have, it does mean moving players around, creating new teams and finding more Game Facilitators.

As we need to keep the number of teams even, it would mean moving from 6 teams to 8 teams, making the average number of players on each team around 10. The idea behind this move is that more players would get more playing time while also allowing us to try and balance the teams out. The problem it creates is one of either getting more tshirts in different colours or sorting out a system of using pinnies when necessary.

The success of this option depends on the attendance at your matches. If all players are showing up all the time, it will be successful. If things are kind of hit and miss regarding player attendance, there's no need to do this.

The second option is to request some players who might be willing to move from one team to another in order to help balance things out. We are looking for some experienced players willing to move to the Lightning squad to help bolster their numbers.

Even as of yesterday, we still had players wanting to register so, if you could respond with your thoughts quickly, we can make a decision for next week.

Many thanks

Dan Village