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This week I had the good fortune to attend the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) technology conference. Session after session it was clear our world and profession are evolving rapidly. Teachers are leading classes of students who have difficulty with the “new generation.” While this is not a new revelation, it is one that causes stress, conflict, and burnout.

Each night we would debrief about the sessions, we attended and discuss possible programs we could implement that were not overly sophisticated, but would make teachers jobs easier. Getting to know each member of the team, on a more personal level, gave me deeper insight as to the dedicated teaching in KCISD. You learn a great deal about people after four days.

Discussions took place about our 1:1 Chromebook intuitive and how quickly our district obtained the resources to give every child in grades four through twelve a technological device, with a MiFi. The original plan was to only offer one grade Chromebooks – now we all have them.

However, through all the sessions I and the others attended, the one class resonating most with me was “How to improve Culture and Climate” presented by Gerry Brooks. You may have seen Mr. Brooks on YouTube – he is a principal in Kentucky who makes us all laugh about education topics (lunch duty, receptionist, nurses).

Gerry’s session was honest and to the point. He admits there are some who do not like him because of his videos claiming he is insensitive, but explained he does everything with students at the center of every decision. He was clear that not everyone will like you, and leaders should not strive to be loved, but respected. Gerry continued touting the importance of sticking together, and even if we have a difference of opinion, we should not complain to others, but go to the source, resolving issues.

He concluded his message explaining the importance of confidants. Those we trust and can vent to. He believes that telling one person, whom you trust is healthy, but venting to two people, you become a gossip, and if you tell three or more people, you now are a bully. Bully? Yes, because you are trying to persuade people to pick sides causing divisiveness.

As we journeyed home, it is obvious KCISD has great students and staff. We have many wonderful people in our district that care for the overall well-being of our children, and we are #ALLIN. Over the next few months, we will be sending out technology programs that we do well and who the expert is. I encourage you to embrace technology and change. Remember the only thing constant is change. Thank you all for what you do, for saying “yes” and remember what is important in life.

Around the Land of the Wildcats

Tax Ratification Election FAQ

1. What is the current tax rate for 2018-19?

Total tax rate is $1.375 per $100 of property value; allocated as $1.17 for Maintenance and Operations and $0.205 for debt services. (Due to Hurricane Harvey, Governor Abbott allowed districts within disaster declared counties to complete a tax swap for one year).

2. What was the KCISD tax rate in 2017-18?

Total tax rate was $1.375 per $100 of property value; allocated as $1.04 for M&O and $.335 for debt services.

3. Can the district continue to use the 2018-19 tax rates for the 2019-20 school year?

Only if the voters approve a tax swap or TRE election. It takes voter approval for the district to continue the swapped rates.

4. Why would the district ask taxpayers to vote for a tax swap?

The tax swap will generate approximately $700,000 in additional revenue. This year, the additional revenue is primarily being used for safety and security improvements throughout the district.

In 2019-20 and beyond, the safety and security of our students and staff will continue to be our top priority.

KCISD would also like to review salaries schedules becoming more competitive with, or out paying, surrounding districts our size. Our goal is to provide the best education to your children by hiring and retaining highly qualified teachers and staff.

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