by Kaylee Johnson


Do you have any religious beliefs? If you do, what are they? Well, on of the largest religion was found in China. The person who found it was a young prince. This religion is Buddhism.

How did this religion began?

Buddhism is a very popular religion. Siddhartha Gautama was the founder of Buddhism. It started around 500 B.C. It started in India and went near Japan, Korea, and Asian lands. Buddhism came to China around the Han dynasty. That is a little of how it started.


Some beliefs of this religion are well to them. It was a western word. It is based on the Four Noble Truths. There is a lot of Buddhism in Asia and a lot of other places. They share there beliefs about nature.

What Is This Religion?

During this time Buddhism weaken when Tang was ruler. But it also got big during the Sui dynasty. When Buddha died the religion fell apart. But 200 years of Buddhas death his teaching grew through most of India. There is so much schools! It is also one of the main religion.


That is some facts about Buddhism. You should try to do research like this, cause it is actually fun. Did you learn something?
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