DNA Testing on Dogs

Cheek Swabbing

What Breed is Your Mutt?

In a recent study, having a DNA test on your dog is now available for dog owners of all types. Owners can purchase a DNA test kit in stores or online and it is offered at two levels- Standard and XL. After you would swab your mutt's cheek, mail the sample to a lab. The Standard test costs $50, which only identifies a dog's ancestry from about 50 dog breeds, while the XL test costs $120 and identifies from about 100 breeds.

Any dog owner with a dog with an unfamiliar or unsure mix can purchase this test for your dog. The test is safe for any mix of any age, risk free. Not only will purchasing this kit be a fun experience for you and your family, but it will also be like presents at Christmas time revealing if you were right or wrong about the mix!