The Eyes of the Emperor

By Graham, Salisbury


In this book you can see how the attack of Pearl Harbor shapes the view of the Japanese people and it goes deeper in the life of one person in specific, Eddy Okubo and how he will do anything to be looked at as a American citizens.


I think the theme of The Eyes of the Emperor is to get throught the bad and on to the good. A example of that can be when Eddy was hated by the American people but at the end he was accepted by the American people. There are a lot of times in the book when bad things happen but then good things arise

Historical facts

The author use real events but not real names for some of the people here are some of the real events and things that took place. There is the bombing of peal harbor where non Caucasian soldiers were held back from the front lines. The Japanese soldiers were held at their own special area where one day the woke up and there were machine guns pointed at them. There was a top secret government program where they trained dogs to hunt down Japanese people (it didn't work by the way). When the subjects of the dog program were "released" they were sent to Europe where most of them were killed in action.