Impact of Technology on Education

Positive or Negative?


The work done by students has become a lot easier due to the evolution of technology. More people have leaned towards a higher education which has led to the demand for more technology based information. Many schools have provided various forms of technology to help students learn in an easier yet fun way.

Technology in The Classroom

There are many different types of technologies schools are using today for students education. Such as laptops, which takes the place of paper for tests, homwork, and note taking. (Georgia) I do not feel as if it is a bad thing becasue we focus on recycling and keeping our environment safe so this may be a great step to take. One problem teachers are encountering is the distraction of social media and games which can diminish the learnign process. Teachers have began to use interactive white boards; where they are able to write/draw on them while sitting at their desks as it appears on the board where students can see. (Georgia) I feel that students learn better when teachers interact more with them. It makes everything more comfortable and it also gives both the students and teacher to build a better relationship.. I do not feel as though teachers see that not everyone learns the same way. Not all people are visual, some are kinesthetic while others may be audible. Teachers should become more hands on with students and not just leave them out there to struggle. But then again technology has a way of helping each student.( Visual Learning) Technology has definitely become a vital part of today’s culture.

Cheating is alot easier with technology, and teachers dont realize it.

How do teachers know if students are cheating?

Thanks to technology, they dont know. At any given time a student can just take a picture with their phone of an assignment, or test and send it to a friend. As a student we have internet for everything, whether it’s a distraction in the classroom, or a helpful tool for homework. For most students it is distraction; we have apps on our iPhones play games, and can communicate with friends in other classrooms, but then there are some students that actually use it to look up information for their class, or do their assignments. We are able to look up any answer to anything on the internet, so therefore students are getting better grades not because they know the material, but because they found it using the internet.


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