Invisiblility RTP

By - Brian F.

'Things Not Seen' By - Andrew Clements

In the book "Things Not Seen" by Andrew Clements, there is a girl that is physically invisible. This girl is named Sheila, in the book she says, "I started disappearing a long time before this happened to me." This means that she would turn 'invisible' eventually. I think she meant the she would turn metaphorically invisible. This means that if she was not invisible she would forgotten and left alone. She would not be heard or seen.
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Poem By: Ralph Ellison

"I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me. am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me." This relates to invisibility because the narrator seems to be a man who thinks he is invisible. He thinks this because he is often ignored and never looked at. He thinks that people look at him, but don’t actually notice him or acknowledge his presence.

The Circut by: Francisco Jimenez

In the story the narrator moved to go to school then was moved again not long after. In the text it states, "...when i got home I saw everything we own neatly packed in boxes." This relates to invisibility because it shows the narrator is not seen much nor noticed because she moves a lot. The narrator is heard and seen physically from other people, but mentally she is not seen or heard.
The Freezing Homeless Child! (Social Experiment)

Homeless Child in the Cold. By: OCKTV

In this video a boy is pretending to be homeless and is very cold. For 2 hours people walk by him like he was invisible. This connects to invisibility because the boy is almost invisible, people walk by him, they don't even glance at the boy. People notice he is physically there but they don't see how he is like the rest of us. Once the homeless guy gives the kid a jacket, then people start to help the boy. It's almost like if the boy and guy can only see each other, and can't be seen by others.

Raise Awareness

In all of these sources every one is mentally invisible. Every one is the same on the inside but mabye not on the outside. Help each other.


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