Health for Life

Final Reflection

Personally, What Is Health for Life?

I believe that health for life is maintaining the well-being of my body- both physically and mentally. Since I have taken this course, I have learned that health for life is linked largely with vitality. Unlike diets or other programs that are only short-term, the vitality concept is looking after the interest of your health for the duration of your life. All of the three components of the vitality concept; self-concept, healthy eating and physical activity are so closely intertwined that they are looking out for your best interest in regards to your healthy. It is important that you eat healthy by following Canada’s food guide, and also making sure that you get enough calories and recommend servings every day. Healthy eating also drastically effects your physical performance as well as your mood. When you eat healthy, you have more energy- which always ends up positively effecting your mood, which in turn improves your positive self-concept. Physical activity also plays a large role on your health for the rest of your life. Physical activity can improve your mood because you do get a lot of energy from working out. In turn, with that extra energy you can channel it in to the types of foods that you eat as well as how you look at your body. I know that following a workout, when my muscles are sore, I always feel better about myself as well as more confident- because I know that I worked those muscles a lot. Furthermore, I believe that self-concept is the most powerful of the three components of vitality. If you don’t have a positive self-concept, then there is no way that you will have the will power to eat healthy or the energy to get up. I know that when I have a negative self-concept that I am always down about myself and that I always turn towards unhealthy foods. All of these three components of vitality are linked together, and when you follow these that you will have health for the rest of your life. In summary, I believe that having health for life means that you follow the vitality concept.