Atom timeline

By Adriana Flores

Ancient Greek model

In 400 BC Democritus and Aristotle claimed there were particles called atomos there idea was that something can only be cut so many times to were you can't cut it anymore they

Dalton Model

John dalton theorized in 1803 that atoms were tiny spears and that all matter is made up of atoms. Also he added that atoms can't be divided different elements have different atoms.

Thompson model

In 1897 Joseph Thompson discovered tiny pieces of electricity and called them electrons he was the first to claim that there were partials smaller than an atom.
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Rutherford Greek Model

In 1908 Ernest Rutherford discovered that atoms have a "large" nucleus with an over all positive charge and that electrons fly around the nucleus.
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Brohr Model

In 1913 Niels Brohr interduced the common model of atoms which also interduced protons neutrons and electrons.
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Broglie and schodinger model