Personal Learning Networks

Pinterest and TeachersPayTeachers


Pinterest is a social media site and also a PLN. It is an amazing online resource especially for teachers!! I am the instruction support specialist at my school, and I use Pinterest as a way to show and send ideas, lesson plans, and other teacher needs to the teachers at my school. They can each "follow" my boards and watch for pins that are relevant to them. Or, I can email pins to them directly. We all love Pinterest and use it for inspiration in our classrooms weekly.

Short and Long Term Goals for using Pinterest

Short Term Goal: continue using Pinterest for resources that will help the teachers in my school.

Long Term Goal: I would love to create a board for each common core standard in each grade level! I would love to be able to build resources for my staff for everything they teach. If they had an entire board for each individual standard, it would make their lives so much easier when they teach that skill each year!!

Personal Goal: Continue using Pinterest for fabulous DIY projects, amazing baby ideas for my Nellie (8 months old), and delicious dishes for dinner!!


TeachersPayTeachers is an online community of teachers working to share and collaborate; without recreating the wheel. Teachers of all grades and content areas have posted lesson plans, activities, crafts, charts, etc. for other teachers to view and/or purchase!

Short and Long Term Goals

Short Term Goal: my short term goal is to continue finding and using amazing lessons from this site.

Long Term Goal: use this site as more of a PLN - meaning that it could work even better if you communicated frequently with the creators of lesson plans you needed.

Personal Goal: make a million dollars selling items I create. (Currently, I have made $10) ha