iPhones, Androids, Microsoft Phones we got them all!


We sale every thing you could imagine here at Phones-A-Plenty. We have iPhones, Androids, Microsoft Phones, Google Phones, even BlackBerrys. We guarantee that you will not find any other phones cheaper than ours. If you do, you can come in and prove that another stores prices are lower than ours and you will get that phone you want half off! Its a guarantee. Remember... If your looking for a new phone were the place to go at Phones-A-Plenty

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Were open from:

8am-7:30pm Mon-Fri

8am-10pm Saturday

8am-1pm Sunday

Our stores are located at:

146 Southlake Dr. 39110 Madison MS

8246 Terry Rd. 27338 Fairfield MS

987 Old Pine Dr. 41990 Castlewood MS