Elite Climbers

By: Jessica, Ugonna, Jose, and Ellie

About Your Destination

Mount Everest

  • Mount Everest is located in the Himalaya Mountains of Southern Asia (lying on the border between Nepal and the Chinese region of Tibet)

  • There are many routes to the top, but most climbers take the first route (climbing in stages over a period of weeks)
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Trail up Mount Everest Map

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  • From Lukla to Base Camp

  • From Base Camp to Camp I

  • From Camp I to Camp IV

  • From Camp IV to the Summit
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Transportation & Costs

Trip going to Mount Everest


  • Flight is from Dallas Fort Worth to Kathmandu, Nepal (one adult, economy ticket on Qatar Airways)

  • The flight would make two stops on the way to Kathmandu (one stop in London and another stop in New Delhi)

  • Total flight length: 25 hours, 50 minutes

  • Depart time from DFW: 10:00 PM

  • Arrival time to Kathmandu: 11:35 AM

Rental Car

  • Rental car from Kathmandu to Mount Everest

  • Total drive length: 3 hours, 8 minutes

Trip returning to Dallas Forth Worth

Rental Car

  • Rental car from Mount Everest to Kathmandu

  • Total drive length: 3 hours, 8 minutes


  • Flight is from Kathmandu to Dallas Fort Worth (one adult, economy ticket on Qatar Airways)

  • The flight would make two stops on the way to Dallas Fort Worth (one stop in Doha and the other stop in London)

  • Total flight length: 29 hours, 25 minutes

  • Depart time from Kathmandu: 9:15 PM

  • Arrival time to DFW: 3:55 PM


Total cost for plane transportation: $2,326.86

Total cost for rental car transportation: $1,000

Final cost for all transportation: $3326.86

Additional Costs

  • With the Qatar Airlines, excess baggage is charged per kilo except to/from the Americas, where it is charged per piece
  • Purchase units are offered in increments of single pieces or bundles of 5kg each
  • A single piece of checked baggage must not weigh more than 32kg or exceed 158 cm in length, width, and height

Camp Destinations

Base Camp


  • Base Camp is set up at Khumbu Glacier’s edge

  • This camp is the Mount Everest’s first camp

  • Climbers may stay at this camp for days to adjust to the air

  • Base Camp consists of the most dangerous section of the climb, Khumbu Falls

Camp I


  • Camp I consists of the Western Cwm, a very silent stage due to the blocking of cold wind

  • The valley may be very hot if you’re climbing on a sunny day

  • Climbing the valley is very long and slow

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Camp II


  • Camp II is at the bottom of Lhotse Face

  • This wall of ice is about 3,700 feet tall and requires crampons and ropes to climb it

  • These crampons attach to to your boots and the ropes pull you up

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Camp III


  • Located on a narrow ledge halfway up the Lhotse Face

  • Outstanding view on a clear day

  • From this camp, people can see clouds and look down at the tops of 22,000 foot peaks

  • This camp is considered a true Eagle’s nest, placed right out of the wall

Camp IV


  • Located at 26,000 feet in the “Death Zone”

  • Lack of oxygen puts stress on the body

  • Risk of experiencing altitude sickness

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  • Amazing view at the Summit

  • Tibet is to the north and Nepal to the south

  • Surrounding the Summit are the large peaks of the Himalayas

  • The actual summit is covered with flags, photographs, other offerings from previous visitors, and oxygen bottles and other trash

Supplies Needed & Costs


  • Personal gear (down suit, high altitude boots, ropes, crampons, sleeping bags, etc) $7,000
  • Satellite phone $1,000
  • Sherpas, cook tips $250
  • Tents (sleeping, cooking, toilet, storage at four camps for three people) and medical kit $4,000
  • Oxygen mask (Summit Oxygen)/Oxygen regulator $450 each

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Total Cost of Supplies

  • $13,150 total