EAT Semester Exam

Heather Norris

TAFE/ Education and Training TRAFLES

My tutoring efforts include assisting children on their reading skills in my 1st grade class during free time.

The recreation which we have done includes a holiday party for the Education and Training class.

Teacher appreciation efforts include making and decorating a wooden block name plate for our mentor teachers as well as pitching in funds for a spa gift card to give Mrs. Kallas.

The fundraising efforts include participation in a cookie dough fundraiser to cover the annual costs of resources.

My mentor teachers' faith and trust in me regarding maintaining the classroom expectations has significantly improved my leadership skills.

The educational awareness issues which i have been informed of include a lack of time to teach the required content in the classroom on a daily basis.

The community service activities in which i have participated in have been a canned food drive to donate to people in need during the holiday season.

I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in the k-3 Children's Literature TAFE Competition, and won second place in the region with my book. I will be featured in the State Competition in Houston on January 31st 2015.

Field Site Reflection

This year, i have learned an abundance about what it means to be a teacher. These past few months participating in the Education and Training program at the BCTAL and having the privalege to intern for my wonderful teacher, Mrs. Bingham, have been the most inspirational months. I have learned so much about my capabilities in terms of classroom management. I have built my patience, tolerance, and and situation management skills. I Teaching requires patience, initiative, innovation, creativity, and wisdom. You are not simply an educator. You are a parent. You are an artist. You are a friend. You are a worker. You are a leader. You are an inspiration. When you make the choice to be a teacher, you are making the choice to build the future leaders of the world.

My Future as a Teacher

In order to prepare myself for my future career as an educator, I babysat my niece for a certain amount of time as well as participated in an AP psychology course which has given me insight into the thought processes of children. The course has helped my understand why children think the way they do, and how to efficiently teach children in ways they'll understand as well as retain.

I have yet to take any tests to prepare myself for college, but i have taken AP exams which have given me insight into the college testing environment. I have visited the University of Texas Dallas, Navarro, University of San Antonio, Stephen F. Austin University, and Texas Christian University. I have considered going to TCU and Texas Weslyan. My dream school is TCU because the campus is beautiful and the environment feels warm and inviting. I know I would get a quality education AT TCU because it is a private education. I have yet to apply to TCU because i will be attending TCC for two years to get my basic credits out of the way. I have yet to apply to TCC.

Texas Christian University

This is a link to Texas Christian University.