Quest 15: Informing Inforaphics

Questions, Understanding, Explore, Synthesis & Test


  • Grades
  • Ed cafe 2 led on 2/22
  • 8:00 Guild: "Tech"nically the best
  • 9:00 Guild: Teaching ninjas & Technolonijas


  • Quest - informing infographics
  • Questions
  • Understanding
  • Explore parts 1 and 2
  • Synthesis
  • Test

Quest Overview

  • In this quest, you will learn about infographics
  • You will watch a video about infographics and read an article about infographics from Edutopia.
  • The explore part is that you will tweet out an example of an infographic in your content area.
  • The second part of the explore piece is to complete a write up about infographics in your digital portfolio.
  • Work with some technology tools to create an infographic.


The guiding questions for this quest include:

  • What is an infographic?
  • What tools are available to create an infographic?

Understanding Infographics

Infographics as a Creative Assessment

Video created by Kathy Schrock about infographics

Big image

What is an infographic?

Explore Part 1

  • Create a page in your digital portfolio called infographics
  • Infographic page is a subpage of a component in Danielson
  • Complete a write up about infographics that includes:
  • What is an infographic?
  • At least 3 ideas of how you can use infographics in your future classroom

Explore Part 2

  • Find an infographic in your content area
  • Check out Pinterest
  • Repin it to our class board
  • Share why you like the infographic


What tech can I use to create an infographic?

Try out these sites and choose one to create your infographic:

Infographic - Test (The rubric)

  • Due 2/22
  • Out of 35 pts
  • Tool Description (10 pts) - What is an infographic?, How did you create your infographic (what steps did you go through to create with it?), Infographic image is free of grammar and spelling mistakes.

  • Artifact description (10 pts) - Spelling and grammar are correct, How does it fit into Danielson framework of teaching?, How does it fit into the component you identified?. Tie this into your portfolio, make direct connections into why it fits - link it to a specific element and describe it.

  • Artifact reflection (10 pts) - Spelling and grammar are correct. Select 3 questions to answer for your reflection, try to choose three different questions to respond to:
    1. What would you do differently?
    2. What did you enjoy about creating the artifact?
    3. How does this tool support pedagogy?
    4. How does this experience relate to ISTE NETS?
    5. How does this experience relate to Growth Mindset?
    6. How does this experience relate to SAMR model?
    7. How can you use this tool in your future classroom?
    8. How does the learning from this component and tech tool tie in to your learning in Ed Psych, Foundations of Teaching, or other education course?

  • Insert image (5 pts) - Insert the infographic that you created into your digital portfolio. The picture is inserted correctly