Jackie Robinson

A life isnt important except the impact it as on other lives

Jackie´s life inside and out

Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born January 31, 1919, in Cairo, Georgia on a plantation. Jackie had 3 brothers and 1 sister Edgar, Frank, Mack and Willa Mae along with his mother, Mallie and his father, Jerry. When Jackie was 3 months old his father Jerry left their family and never came back. Jackie Robinson and his family moved to Pasadena, California in May of 1920. Throughout High School, Junior College, and College Jackie played 5 sports which were basketball, tennis, baseball, football, and track. Jackie dropped out of UCLA to go to the Army and serve during WW II from 1942-1944. In 1945, Jackie Robinson married Rachel Isum. Jackie Robinson played with the Kansas City Monarchs from 1946-1948. Jack Jr. was born in November of 1946. Many people were mad because Jackie was an African American and had joined the Dodgers so they taunted Jackie and the Robinson family by doing things such as writing death letters to kill Jackie, kidnap Jack Jr, and hurt Rachel. After that, Jackie Robinson died October 24, 1972, because of a heart attack in Stamford, Connecticut at his house.

Jackie´s life as a famous man

Jackie Robinson is famous for breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball. With the Montreal Royals, his season batting average was .349, he scored 113 runs and stole 40 bases. Jackie was the 1st black to play in the Major League Baseball. Because he was black, many white fans yelled mean things that include racism. In 1949, Jackie stole home 19 times, had a batting average of .342, had 37 steals, and had 124 RBIs. After a rough season of being treated badly, he had 125 runs and 29 stolen bases and was awarded Rookie of the Year. That same year, Jackie won MVP with the Dodgers. Jackie Robinson won many awards in his lifetimes such as All Time All Stars, NL MVP and Rookie of the Year. Jackie’s career stats include a batting average of .311, 1,518 hits, 137 home runs, 734 RBIs, 740 walks, 947 runs scored, and 197 stolen bases.

Jackie´s character is astonishing to other people

Character Traits describe a person and these character traits describe Jackie Robinson. First of all, Mr. Robinson was brave. He was brave enough to listen to people taunt him and say things that included racism. He was also brave to face pitches and throws aimed at his head and other body parts on purpose. Jackie was very talented. First off, he starred in 5 sports in high school, junior college , and college. On top of that, he was talented enough to play Major League Baseball. But his best trait is inspirational. He inspired other African Americans to play in the MLB and other professional sports.Jackie Robinson inspires kids to forget about their skin color and do whatever you want to without someone bossing you around and judging you on your skin color or religion. Jackie Robinson is a brave, talented, and inspirational person.