From the WMS DEN

August 2014

The WMS DEN 2014-2015 Boot Camp

1. Getting comfortable with the Discovery Education website.

2. Finishing and customizing your DEN space.

3. Spending the 1st 9 weeks learning how to fully integrate the Web 2.0 tools we learned about, into our teaching curriculum (animoto, BrainPop, Padlet, Learn Zillion, NearPod, Symbaloo and so much more!)

Coding in the classroom!

Monday, Aug. 18th, 2:30pm

405 Campus Dr

Wentzville, MO

Meet in Ms. Olges' classroom.

No classroom downtime!

The structure of any classroom is so packed with reading, curriculum lessons, and so many other commitments. However, if downtime should occur, share the idea of coding to all your students! Then, when students are finished with their classroom lessons, coding ( a career readiness skill ) can become their free time filler activity.