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In order to expedite the parent dropoff at arrival and minimize the backup of traffic onto Burlington Road, we are changing the parent dropoff procedure. We are going to eliminate the use of grade specific doors for those students who are dropped off by parents in the morning between 7:30-7:40am. If you drop off your child between 7:30-7:40am, please pull forward as far as you are able and let your child out of the car at the curb; he/she may use the closest available door to enter the building.

Just a reminder that our school day begins at 7:40am; attendance is taken at this time. If you are dropping off your child after 7:40am, please do so at the main entrance, as your child will have to sign in at the front office before proceeding to class.

A summary of arrival procedures:
7:00-7:30 - Parent dropoff is at the new gym doors

7:30-7:40 - Parent dropoff is along the curb by the 6th grade wing; students may use either 6th grade wing door to enter the building

7:40 on - Parent dropoff is at the main entrance

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Thank you for your ongoing support as we continue to navigate and overcome the challenges that Covid-19 continually presents us. Our teachers and staff are working incredibly hard each day to ensure that our Generals benefit from our high standard of teaching and learning, and we are so appreciative of their commitment.

Along those lines, please know that if your child is quarantined for either close contact or a positive Covid test, it will take 24 hours for us to provide virtual instruction for him/her. As you might imagine, our school nurse and her staff are moving as quickly as possible to field the many emails and phone calls they receive regarding students who are out of school while also managing the normal business of the school nurse’s office. Once you have communicated with the nurse, it does take time for teachers to be informed, and then they in turn need time to plan for the virtual instruction. DDE staff working hours are 7:30-2:16 each school day. So if quarantine notification occurs after 2:16pm on a given day, virtual instruction will not be possible the following day; your child may access Schoology and work asynchronously for the first day of quarantine. Similarly, if your child is quarantined over a weekend, virtual instruction will not be available until Tuesday.

We are so proud and grateful that so many of our Generals are committed to their education and do not want to miss instruction. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work as quickly as we are able to ensure access.


REMINDER: Bagel Sales happening daily!

Plain, butter, and cream cheese bagels available.

  • Bagel with water $3.00
  • Bagel only-$2.00

Order your heart shaped pizza for Valentine's day now!

Dino's February Fundraiser

See the latest PTO Weekly Newsletter-1/18/22 for the most up to date information regarding upcoming events and fundraising opportunities.

PTO Website

Visit the NEW DDE PTO website for all up to date information.

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Freehold Boro High School

For current 8th grade students zoned for FHS, please see the following:

Freehold Boro HS 8th gr. Orientation

AVID Program at FHS:


AVID Application 2022-2023

Please note: All information as it relates to high school orientations, scheduling, etc. will be updated here as it becomes available from each high school.

2021-2022 YEARBOOKS

Yearbooks on sale for $45



If you have technology issues, please email Mr. Goldstein at


Please use this link for information from the front office.


Students are encouraged to bring in water bottles to stay hydrated throughout the day. Water bottles are available for sale-$1.00/bottle.


If your child will be absent from school, you must call the attendance line to report the absence. Please state the following:
  • Your child's name
  • Grade
  • State the reason for the absence with specific symptoms. NOTE: Students with symptoms consistent with Covid-19 will be excluded from school per the NJDOH guidelines.


All other absences must be followed up with a parent/guardian, or medical note. Note must include child's name, date of absence(s) and.........................


Lunch information for the 2021-2022 can be found here: Any questions, please email Aly Williams at

As a reminder, students may remove their mask once they have their lunch and seated at a desk. Once they are finished eating, masks should be put back on.


  • Tuesday, February 8th: Board of Ed Meeting @ 7:30 pm

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