Classroom Newsletter

Week of November 1st-November 7th


Today I introduced the class to Roald Dahl's classic book James and the Giant Peach. The children were excited when we discussed our favorite types of fruit. Some students had exotic preferences including star fruit, cumquats, and ugly fruit. Personally, I prefer persimmons.

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Today we talked about sea turtles in science class. This evolved into a discussion about the importance of recycling. We spoke about the need to keep plastic and other waste away from beaches where it can easily hurt wildlife. Did you know that the green turtle can weigh up to 700 lbs!

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Today we started reviewing fractions. All of the students are at different levels which is completely understandable. I have put the students into small groups in an effort to provide more individualized instruction. If you feel that your child could use extra help please try to Moby Max.


Today we learned about earth worms. We're going to recreate an earth worm environment together. Please save your card paper rolls and coffee grounds this week!

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We're going to be making family trees as a class. Please provide your child with photos of your immediate family. Also please write down the names of as many relatives as possible so that we can add them to the tree branches.