by Mebrak leben

fast facts

Diameter: 142,984,km

Distance form the sun:483,8 million mi

rotation: about 10 hours

revolution:12 years

number of moons:67

where it is located mars and the Saturn

who discovered it: we don't know

when it was discovered: on January 10 ,1610

interesting facts

  1. names after the roman king the gods Jupiter is fitting of its mane
  2. Jupiter is easily the largest and most massive planet in the Solar System.
  3. To put this in perspective, it would take 11 Earths lined up next to each other to stretch from one side of Jupiter to the other and it would take 317 Earths to equal the mass of Jupiter.

i still want too learn.....

The core of the planet is thought to contain some rock and metallic hydrogen.
Jupiter: Crash Course Astronomy #16
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