Football Stadium Project



In July 2013, the concrete bleachers at Flinn Field were condemned and removed. A small set of bleachers were brought in to temporarily serve for this season until plans and funds could be generated for a new structure.

As we look to the 2014 season (and the 100th year of football at Ravenswood High), the Jackson County BOE has plans underway to replace the portions of the bleachers that were removed in July 2013. In order to fulfill our desire of returning to the home side with new bleachers, additional funding is needed. The goal at Ravenswood High is to generate $250,000 in additional funding for the project.

Projected Outcomes

  • The present visitors side will BECOME THE HOME SIDE with new bleachers and press box
  • Upgrades and enhancements needed to maintain the stadium would be done to make it one of the best in WV
  • Allow adequate seating to host playoff games
Bleachers & Coach Mick Price

CLICK HERE: to watch video of the bleachers.


Stadium Member Level Sponsors

(Recognized on a sign at the Stadium through Corporate and Generous Benefactor label at bronze and above and in the 100th year of football program)

Platinum Level--- $20,000 or above

Gold Level-- $10,000-$19,999

Silver Level-- $5000-$9999

Bronze Level-- $1000-$4999

Red Level--- $250

Black Level- $100

Red Devil Donors- Any contribution (the amounts for all Devil Donors will be placed together to be classified at one of the above levels)

100 groups or individuals pledge/donate $1000= $100,000

Sign a pledge form or send checks/cash to Ravenswood High School Stadium Project before May 15. The members of this group will have their names on a sign at the stadium.

1000 groups or individuals to pledge and donate $100= $100,000

The donors in this group will have their names on a sign at the stadium. Contributions are needed by May 15.

$250 “Buy a Seat” Donation

This includes a season pass for 2014 for the 100th year of football and a 2 line name plaque on the stadium seat and names in the program. Must purchase by May 1, 2014 for the free season pass.

ALL contributions will go to Flinn Field Improvements

Ravenswood High School - STADIUM PROJECT

Contact Information

Mick Price- RHS Athletic Director RHS Head Football Coach


Steve Titus, RHS Football Booster President


Ethel Lemley, RHS Financial Secretary


Jo Hendricks, RHS Principal


Jimmy Frashier, RHS Assistant Principal


Blaine Hess, Superintendent

Jackson County Schools


RHS Bleacher Committee:

Dick Sturm

Lucy Harbert

Jennifer Fox