Computer Hardware

By Yin Wai Kwong

Computer Hardware

Computer hardware is the parts of a computer. The hardware of a computer can be anywhere in the CPU to outside on the table you are using. Computer hardware can com in different forms and also have different parts. To find out more, read the below and watch the videos
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RAM (Random Access Memory)

The RAM or random access memory is memory that can be accessed easily and quickly.

Hard Drive.

The Hard Drive is Where you store your memory.


One of the ways you can input information. You type and letters appear on the screen.


The motherboard keeps everything in place.

DVD Player

It Allows the computer to play DVD, VCD and CD discs.

PC/CPU (Personal Computer/Central Processing Unit)

The PC/CPU is the part of a computer that has all of the storage Hardware in it.


It plays music from the computer


It Shows the things that you are doing
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