Ms Greenlee's Grade Two News

November 16-20

Upper and Lower Elementary Parent and Counselor Coffee Morning

Join the Elementary Counselors on November 23rd at 8:10am in the elementary cafeteria to discuss Behavior Management: An Alternative Approach. Coffee and tea will be provided.

Reading and Writing

This week student writers continued to author books and they also gave feedback to their peers and received it from their peers. In 2G, most books fit into one of the following categories: animals, places, computer games, people, and sports. Next week, students will be involved in the publishing of their books and on Thursday, books will be shared with another grade two class.


One of ASD's values, and certainly one shown by Everyday Heroes, our current unit in social studies, happened to be the topic of an inspirational quotes book I use and would like to share the quote with you, "You can feel compassion regardless of whether you view the other person as a friend or an enemy. It is based on the other's fundamental rights rather than your own mental projection." The 14th Dalai Lama

Inservice (Professional Development) with Virginia Rojas

Last Monday while students were learning, so were teachers. It was an immense pleasure to learn with Virginia Rojas. I thought I'd share a site she shared with teachers as there has been loads of research done regarding the learning of languages and here at ASD we are all language learners.