Climate Change

By: Chris

What is global warming and global climate change?

Global warming is when the earth gets heated up with uva and uvb rays which is known as heat energy from the sun. This causes the earth temperature to heat up on earth.

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What is the fundamental cause of these problems?

The cause of the earth heating up is from emissions in the atmosphere including methane, carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gases. Without these gases, heat energy from the sun would bounce off our atmosphere back into space leaving our earth as a cold ice cube. Greenhouse gases trap heat energy making our earth heat up, to much greenhouse gases will heat up our earth to much.

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What are some consequences of global climate change?

When things happen there are always consequences. The consequences for greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, is the earth heating up. This can cause living things to die and glaciers to melt. When the earths atmosphere has no greenhouse gases the earth is very cold which will freeze and kill living things. This is why it is very important to have just the right amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere this is so earth the earth with not get too hot or to cold.

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What are specific actions a middle schooler can take to help reduce their carbon emissions?

A middle schooler could bike to school and destinations to reduce their carbon emissions as well as carpool with friends to go places.

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