Egyption Gods and Goddesses

Learn About Some Of The Many Egypts Gods and Goddess

A legend Is Born

At the of Egyption history a god arose from chaos (Nut the Egyption god of chaos) and the god who rose from chaos was Atum. Atum was the first Egyption. He had the head of a ram.

The tales of Osris

Osris god of the underworld. It is that the great god of the underworld Osris was a human.

He was choosen by two great gods Ra (the sun god) and Horus (god of the sky) and his brother Seth was hoping to be that choosen one.Seth got jealous of his brother and he killed Osris. That is how Osris became the god of the underwold.

Main Gods Of Egypt images

Main Egyption Gods and Goddess

The first god is Ra the sun god he has too kinds of apperances he looks like a normal human but with a sun disk over his head and his other apperance is a human body with the head of a hawk. Seconad is Horus is the god of the sky and had only one apperance he had a human body with the head of a hawk. Then Khnoshu he was the god of the moon and he looked like a regular human but he was lifting a woman with stars all over her body. Next is Tefnut and she was the goddess of rain and she had the head of a lioness (a female lion) and the body of a human. last is Sekmet was the goddess of war and had the head of a lioness.

Ra Horikotokiy

The tales of Ra Horikotokiy starts at the close ending to Egypt.First Ra and Horus both were brothers and they both tried to keep Egypt in balance. But both of them both together still did not have enough power to keep Egypt in balance so they both tried to become a mixture god and that was how Ra horikotokiy was born. The meaning of Ra Horikotokiy is "Horus over the horizen ".

The End Of Legend

As Egypt was taken over by Alexander The Great. After the Egyptions were taken over the legend came to an end. Then all the gods and goddess just disaperped. That is the entire legend of the Egyptions.

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