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Made By: RJ McManamy Period 4

The crime that led to the Scottsboro Boys trial was said to have happened on March 25th, 1931 in Alabama.

What Happened?

In the Scottsboro Boys trial two white girls claimed to have been raped by nine black men. Soon after the boys were taken and waiting for a hanging but they were stopped by the governer. Later in January of 1932 the court had a 6 vs. 1 vote to give eight of the nine boys the death sentance bur one boy was thirteen so the didn't try him as an adult. That vote was later overturned and then the boys were proven innocent.

How is the Scottsboro Trial the same as the Tom Robinson Trial in To Kill A Mockingbird?

It is the same because in both trials black men were accused of raping white women, both were at first found guilty, both had people come to thier jail cell and be stopped by a well known man, and neither the single man or group of men commited the alleged crime against them.


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